Greeting from Head of School

Welcome to The Schenck School website.

We hope you will find a wealth of useful information as you browse the site, whether you are inquiring about the School for the first time or know us well. The Schenck School offers a unique learning environment for children with dyslexia, as well as several auxiliary programs. All of us connected with the School are most proud of our students, our faculty and our campus and are eager to share these with you.

The Schenck School has been educating dyslexic children since 1959 using the Orton-Gillingham Approach. This specialized teaching method uses multisensory techniques to remediate difficulties with reading, writing and spelling. Hundreds of children have attended The Schenck School and gone on to both independent and public schools all over Greater Atlanta. The overall goal of the School is to remediate students during the 2-3 years they are here and to equip them to be successful and eager life-long learners. Children come to The Schenck School from all across the metropolitan area as well as from further away.

This site contains basic information and news items for our current parents. However, there is also much more and links to other sites with information about dyslexia and the School’s various outreach programs. If you are just beginning to learn about The Schenck School, I would like to encourage you to visit us in person. Call and join one of our tours to learn in depth what the School is all about. Even the best website is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting.

In closing, I must thank David Schenck for his vision and energy and daring in starting The Schenck School more than fifty years ago. From that tiny beginning with seven students in a church basement has come one of the country’s premier schools for children with dyslexia. All of us who share in this legacy count ourselves lucky and we are ready to share the experience with you.

Gena W. Calloway
Head of School

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