Impacting Lives

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"My feeling has about school has always been that the students and teachers should be having a good time.  It doesn’t mean you don’t have problems but the School should always be a fun place.  That’s been me for all my life.  It’s what makes The Schenck School very special.”
David Schenck


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"...everybody said you were smart but you even hated to hear that because it always followed up with a BUT…you are so smart BUT..... You’d look around at other kids and say, why am I not able to get the math problems right?  Why am I not able to spell?’  All you know is that there is something stopping you"
Rob Hill, Alumnus, Former Parent

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"When my daughter began her time at Schenck in the first grade, she could not read the notes I would put in her lunch box.  I had to change my pattern and draw various smiley face forms as her lunch box notes.  Now she relishes chapter books and delights in the love of learning…School is a place of deep joy and contentment for her."       
Amy Pridgen, Former Parent

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Adult Dyslexic Program

Foster Soules, Lower School Principal and Adult Dyslexic Program Coordinator

Over the last 15 years, The Schenck School Adult Dyslexic Program has impacted the lives of hundreds of adults who sought help with reading and spelling. The evening classes, begun at the Cathedral of St. Philip and now housed at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church uses David Schenck’s frequently quoted technique – learning happens at the point of the pencil. The students read and spell, spell and read – breaking down the code of our language and understanding for the first time why letters represent the sounds they do. Learning, for example, for the first time, why the word “
me” with a “ t ” added is “ met ” not pronounced “ meet .”

Some adults who enroll in the program are severely dyslexic and struggle to read any words beyond what they have memorized. Others read fairly well but struggle to spell. The Adult Dyslexic Program is able to meet the needs of both groups by offering two classes taught by Schenck trained teachers. Since the program began, David Schenck was a much anticipated, much celebrated guest lecturer, and every student has felt especially honored to have met the man who made it all happen.  Click here to read full article.


David Schenck with student at Founder's Day
David Schenck with student at Founder's Day

“Before I figured out that I was dyslexic, I thought I was just plain dumb.  The Schenck School has really changed all that.  Being around kids who have the same problems you do really tells you you’re not alone.  Other kids here have the same hardships as I do.  The Schenck School has taught me to read and has increased my faith in myself…All of my teachers are really wonderful and have helped me through these years.  But the one I really want to thank most of all is Mr. David Schenck."

Taylor, Fourth Grade Student