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  • Anne Tilney Armes

    8/27/2016 11:40:42 PM

    My grandmothers family ( Addie Wood, daughter of Charles H.Wood) I believe originally owned this property! They called it Kupamuk.
    I found a booklet from 1941 that advertises the
    Camp! If you are interested if be very excited to share it!! Sincerely, Anne Armes

  • Eileen and Todd Pearson

    2/21/2015 6:10:06 PM

    We want to thank Mr. Schenck for creating the Schenck School and giving our son the opportunity to learn in an incredible environment. The Schenck School will forever be remembered by our son and our family long after we leave. We are forever greatful.

  • Clay White

    1/20/2015 8:41:09 AM

    The Purity of Purpose...

    David Schenck brought a shameless, pride-less, self-less purity of purpose to his self-perpetuation project we call, The Schenck School.

    The Schenck School draws idealists...people, professionals, who would give up the money and benefits of a public school job, for the privilege of working in a place where they get to do what they were trained to do: teach. So many teachers who have passed through the halls of the Schenck School will tell you of that privilege, while never mentioning the sacrifice they made to be there. They might not get a full night's sleep; not because they are tired, but because they are so excited about teaching the next day.

    David was extremely dyslexic. I used to think that , at 70 years of age, when I first met him, he was disorganized, perhaps suffering from dementia. As I got to know him in his latter years, I came to realize: that's just David. Gayle Snider, a teacher who knew David when he was in his late 50's, assured me that he had always been this way: disarming, angelic, determined, insightful, and, yes, quite dyslexic. But David always surrounded himself with very smart, organized folks who kept his dream of a, "Schenck School", alive. We have all lived a better life because of him.

    In David's passing, I hope we all remember his ideals, his humor, and his humbleness. Just look at what became of it all.

    Thanks, Clay

  • Gayle Born

    1/18/2015 7:27:10 PM

    What a gift to Atlanta and sooooo many children and their families David was / IS and will always be! I served with him as secretary of the first Ga Chapter of the Ga.Dyslexia Society....what an honor!
    When I became the principal at The Howard
    School, my two mentors where Elliot Galloway and David doesn't get better than that! To say that David inspired me is an understatement! He lead by example....his love for the children he served was evident to all who were privileged to know him.
    I just know that David has a special cloud.....WELL DONE DAVID and THANK YOU. Your legacy lives on...your warm smile will be missed!!!! I just heard the bell.....another angel got his wings!!!

  • Millie Montgomery

    1/14/2015 10:32:02 AM

    What an amazing man! I learned so much from David -- obvious compassion, the gift of simplicity, and steps in effective teaching. David and Dee were the most thoughtful, selfless people I have ever known. They gave and gave again of their time, energy and financial support. I feel so lucky to have known them so well during my years working at The Schenck School. Most of us can only dream of having such a positive impact on the lives of so many people.

  • Hunter Ryan

    1/11/2015 8:10:27 PM

    David Schenck was a wonderful, positive person. I am honored to have worked for him.
    I am comforted that he will now realize what an affect he had on our community. I don't think he could fully grasp all the people he helped or touched. He will be missed!

  • Jacque Digieso, Ph.D.

    1/9/2015 1:25:42 PM

    When my husband Joe and I felt moved to start a school for ADHD teens, we knew of the courageous act of founding the Schenck school and extraordinary impact that David and Dee Schenck had on their students and the community at large. David was a mentor and hero through the years . His gentle spirit, quiet leadership and visionary presence will be greatly missed!i

  • James, Whitney, Anderson and Leyton Dean

    12/29/2014 10:04:09 PM

    Mr. Schenck,
    Your school has given our entire family hope. My husband's wounds from years of struggling in school are healing as he watches Anderson and Leyton's love of school and learning grow. You have left an amazing legacy. You are a hero in every sense of the word.
    We are beyond thankful for you and all of the teachers at the school.THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR CHILDREN PROUD TO BE DYSLEXIC!

  • Courtney Roach

    12/29/2014 12:04:40 PM

    Mr. Schenck- you have changed so many lives...including mine. I understand things so much better because of you. You will always be in The Schenck School's heart. You will never be forgotten. We will miss you.

  • Untitled

    12/27/2014 4:51:30 PM

    You will never know the way you changed me and my family!!!

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