Memorial Gifts Honoring David Schenck

Upon the retirement of David Schenck in 2003, The Schenck School Board of Trustees established the David and Dee Schenck Endowed Scholarship Fund to honor Mr. and Mrs. Schenck.  Providing financial help to children who need the School, but do not have the capacity to afford tuition, has been of primary significance to the Schencks, even from the very first year of the School.

If you would like to honor Mr. Schenck with a gift to this important fund, please send to:

The Schenck School
ATTN:  Development Office
282 Mt. Paran Road, NW
Atlanta, GA  30327

Or to make a gift online, please click here:

Please contact Cathy Coleman, Director of Development, at 404.252.2591 if you have questions.

“David Schenck was a great man and a visionary because he not only saw the incredible educational need for those with dyslexia, but he also established a top notch school with a process that tackles the issue and successfully remediates dyslexia. He has impacted the community by positively changing the lives of  Schenck School's students and their parents. His work will be continued through the work of The Schenck School and The Dyslexia Resource Trust. What an honor it has been to work with and learn from such an extraordinary individual”

Andrew Sullivan, Chair, Board of Trustees


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“The lifelong impact that The Schenck School will have on my family is remarkable.  A world in my view without David Schenck is a very different picture for us, a very grey hue.”

David Higgins, Parent and Trustee


"I think the Phoenix will be the best mascot.  Schenck never gives up just like the Phoenix.  It is the king of fire and our School once burned down!  Schenck is FEARLESS so is the Phoenix.  In conclusion, the Phoenix is a good mascot because it’s so brave, just like us."  

Griffin, Third Grade 2012, opinion statement supporting his choice of School Mascot.