About The School

The Schenck School Mission

Build a solid educational foundation for students with dyslexia and develop their rich potential.

The Schenck School Strategy

Focused, accelerated dyslexia remediation.

Core Beliefs

  • Students with dyslexia have great potential in school and life.
  • Academic success can be achieved through research-based teaching methods including the Orton-Gillingham Approach.
  • Small class size, low student-teacher ratios and multi-sensory instruction create the optimal setting.
  • Faculty understand dyslexia, believes in their students and are trained to meet their educational needs.
  • Students should develop high self-esteem, become self advocates and view themselves as competent and independent learners.
  • Students are best served by an active community of parents, faculty, administrators, specialists and trustees.
  • After a short term placement at The Schenck School, students leave with a firm foundation for continued learning.


In 1959, the School was founded by David Schenck to teach children with learning and dyslexia-related differences that cause difficulty with reading and specific language skills.


250 full-time students in grades K-6 with a five-to-one student/teacher ratio. Students admitted to The Schenck School are enrolled for an average of two to three years and then return to a traditional academic program.

School building
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