The Schenck School Phoenix



After more than 50 years of The Schenck School educating students with dyslexia, we are proud to introduce our school mascot –The Phoenix!

The Phoenix represents the hard work and determination of our students who are willing to overcome obstacles and accept change. By doing this, they transform from a student experiencing difficulties in learning to a confident, successful student. 

Experience has shown that people with dyslexia are often above-average in intelligence and highly creative, having a heightened ability to solve complex problems. When they successfully learn how to read and write, they are able to realize and enjoy their unique gifts and talents. 

We believe The Phoenix represents our school community as a symbol of renewal and change.

One summer, students took their version of The Schenck School Phoenix along with them to the pool, on grand adventures and just hanging out!  Scroll down to enjoy the photos.

Please continue to send your photos to Vicki Ahnrud in the Development Office,

Read, Rise, Fly!