Our Stories

While at The Schenck School, students learn to advocate for themselves and to celebrate their dyslexia. They view themselves as smart, independent learners capable of great things. We invite you to read about their journey with dyslexia.

Jacqueline Draughon (13)

The most important lesson I have learned is perseverance; because when I was in first grade I could not read or do things as well as most kids in my grade. Therefore, I got held back, but after a while...

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Kelly Sibley Henry ('93)

During my elementary years, when it came to academics my self-esteem was pretty much non- existent. It was very evident at a young age that I was severely behind my peers in reading and writing.

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Julia Mixon ('12)

My favorite memory of The Schenck School was learning how to write papers with Ms. Calamari. In the beginning of sixth grade, I...

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Gus Williams ('07)

I'm a big fan of war movies, Saving Private Ryan, Enemies at the Gate, A Bridge Too Far, Band of Brothers. There's a scene common to many of these films where...

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