Programs & Curriculum

The Schenck School is dedicated to teaching children with dyslexia and empowering them to return to a traditional classroom within a few years.

The School offers an intense, full-day academic program designed to teach specific skills and strategies helping children overcome their difficulties in reading and written expression.

Experience has shown that children with dyslexia are often above-average in intelligence and highly creative, having an ability to "think outside of the box" and solve complex problems. When these students successfully read and write, they are able to realize their unique gifts and talents.

The Schenck School:

  • promotes an environment of acceptance where students can develop self-confidence, build self-esteem and better understand their dyslexia.
  • provides a close, supportive atmosphere in classrooms with low student-teacher ratios.
  • ensures all our teachers are extensively trained in the Orton-Gillingham Approach and kept abreast of the latest research on effective teaching methods.

The Schenck School reaches beyond its immediate student body providing tutoring, summer programs, teacher training, adult classes and ongoing support to alumni and their families. The School also shares knowledge and teaching methods with other institutions and individuals in the community to help them better understand and more effectively teach dyslexic learners.

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