Occupational Therapy

The goal of Occupational Therapy in a school setting, such as The Schenck School, is to optimize a student’s performance and participation in the classroom environment. A child's occupation in a school setting is to learn and participate as independently as possible during all parts of the school day.

The Occupational Therapists will address difficulties with “foundation skills” which directly impact a student’s classroom performance.  These “foundation skills” include skills such as: fine motor/gross motor, visual perceptual/motor, and sensory processing issues. Through a school-based assessment, which involves standardized testing and clinical observations, the student's strengths and needs are determined.


OT therapists helping boy climb swing
At The Schenck School, Occupational Therapy is delivered in three different modes: skill improvement, material adaptation and environmental modifications. Occupational Therapist will collaborate with parents, teachers, and other educational staff to help the student be successful in a learning environment. In addition, The Occupational Therapy room is complete with suspended equipment, a scooter board ramp, crash cushions, a fine motor room, zip line, and trampoline to assure that all components of treatment can be addressed.


Referrals for Occupational Therapy are made by classroom teachers. If appropriate, an evaluation is completed and goals are established for the student. Occupational Therapy during a child’s school day will address difficulties that have a negative impact on classroom performance.  Private Occupational Therapy is available after school to address difficulties that may affect participation in activities outside of the school setting. 

In addition, every week all kindergarten students participate in small sensory motor groups in the Occupational Therapy room, run by an Occupational Therapist.  The groups focus on social skills, sequencing, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, sensory integration, and self help skills.

OT boy on climber with sspecialist