The Schenck School prioritizes the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff above all else, as we do all we can to ensure the continued operations of the School. Please refer to the resources below for specific information regarding our Health and Safety policies and procedures and distance learning..

Health & Safety Protocols (PDF)

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Decision Tree

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2021-2022 Guidelines

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A Message from Head of School Josh Clark About Distance Learning

Thank you so much for everyone's continued diligence in following our health and safety protocols and keeping your child home if they have been exposed to or are symptomatic for Covid-19. As we all navigate the occasional need for distance learning, we wanted to share some reminders and clarifications:Day 1 of a Covid-19 Related Absence:

If your child needs to stay home for a reason related to Covid-19, on Day 1 of Distance Learning they will follow an asynchronous schedule that your teachers will post to their SeeSaw or Google Classroom pages. This schedule is designed to provide practice in fundamental skills and provide a degree of structure while both teachers and families prepare for the transition online. This includes instances such as:

  • A child is beginning a quarantine period due to an off-campus or carpool exposure.
  • An entire class is beginning a quarantine period due to an on-campus exposure.
  • A child is experiencing mild symptoms and is staying home while they await Covid test results or wait for symptoms to improve.

If your child checks out from school after the school day has begun, their Day 1 begins the following day on their first full absence.

Day 2 and Beyond of a Covid-Related Absence:

On the second day of a Covid-related absence, students are eligible to begin participating in real-time Distant Learning. For further clarity, please see below:

  • Students can participate in real-time Distance Learning on Day 2 even if they did not participate in the asynchronous opportunity the day before.
  • If your child is out because they are symptomatic and not feeling well, we do ask that you communicate with your teacher ideally the night before but at least by 7:30 a.m. the day they will begin participating in real-time distance learning. If they are ill, we will assume they are not participating unless we hear from you before 7:30 a.m. that day.

Finally, if your child is not feeling well, they should not participate in any distance learning and instead focus on resting and recovering. Even in the age of Zoom, sick days are a necessity, and we will work with you to catch your child up in the traditional manner.