Interim Head of School

As I move into the Head's office at The Schenck School, I write to say once again how honored I am to be joining this community. I saw in my first conversations with the Search Committee, in my first visit in early February, and on each subsequent visit since the talent and commitment of the faculty, the trust and devotion of the parents, and the lively engagement of the students. You and your children are part of a remarkable community, and I see my task in the coming year to be supporting and sustaining its excellence. 

I see my job as one of service: I work with administrators, with teachers, with the Board, with parents, with students, and with The Dyslexia Resource to create conditions that enable and encourage teachers to give their best to their students every day in the classroom, around the School, and, in the case of the DR, across Atlanta and beyond. Doing so is possible only with clear communication among all constituencies and with trust in our shared devotion to Schenck's mission. The key to the School's work is the commitment shared by all to help your children to learn and grow. The trust in that shared commitment will ensure that the School, its students, and its faculty and staff continue to thrive.

One key task for the coming year, given all the challenges the pandemic has posed, will be reweaving the fabric of the community. I have already taken part in discussions about re-establishing in-school events for parents. While Zoom is clearly convenient, meeting face-to-face with the teachers and staff who work with your children every day enables us to get to know each other more fully and meaningfully, and creates the kind of connection that facilitates our fruitful collaboration on your children's behalf. We look forward to exploring avenues, shut down in recent years by the pandemic, to building more meaningful relationships with families.

Finally, Schenck is blessed with an outstanding leadership team that has earned the confidence and trust of its families. Many of you may have someone you feel you can reach out to with any questions or concerns. But I will add that I would be happy to communicate with you–by email, phone, or in person–if you have any matters you would like to discuss with me. 

Again, it's an honor to join the Schenck community, and I look forward to our work together.


Bill Wharton

Interim Head of School

Interim Head of School Bill Wharton