Admissions FAQ's

Does The Schenck School Accept SB10 Special Needs Scholarship Funds?

Yes, we do participate in the SB10 Special Needs Scholarship program. For more information, please visit the Georgia Department of Education Website.

What Is The Gender Ratio Per Grade?

For 2019 - 2020:




1st Grade



2nd Grade



3rd Grade



4th Grade



5th Grade



6th Grade








How Many Spaces Will Be Available For The 2019-20 Academic Year?

We are unable to determine exactly how many spaces will be available per grade until we know how many of our current students will be outplacing. The number of spaces and number of classes per grade vary from year to year, and we make every attempt to accomodate demand.

How Do I Begin The Application Process?

Begin by visiting our website and completing our on-line application. Applicants will be asked to submit the following supplemental materials:

Additionally, please submit any of the following evaluations or reports as they apply to your child:

  • Speech/Language or Occupational therapy (within the last 12 months)
  • Tutors are encouraged to complete the Tutor Evaluation Form and/or submit a summary of the work that is being done.

What Is The Next Step After I Complete My Child’s Application?

The Admissions Office will send you a notification that your child’s application is complete. The Admissions Director will review the completed file and determine if your child is an appropriate candidate for our program according to the information we receive. If it appears that your child does fit our student profile, you will be contacted to schedule a screening.

What Happens During A Screening?

Your child will meet with two members of the Admissions Committee for informal testing, including brief reading, writing, and math exercises. This process allows our team to observe your child’s work and is intended to assess their work style and educational needs.

How Should I Prepare My Child For A Screening?

The dialogue that you have with your child about the admissions process is dependent upon his/her age and level of self-awareness. We recommend that you maintain an open dialogue and share information that would ease rather than create anxiety. Many children who come for a screening are already nervous about “performing academically.” We want your child to be relaxed and comfortable. We understand the challenges that our applicants face, and we do our best to ease their anxiety and create a positive experience.

Will The Parents Be Given An Opportunity To Meet With The Admissions Committee?

Yes. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your child during your child’s screening appointment.

What Happens After The Screening?

Parents/Guardians will receive a summary letter providing feedback from the Admissions Director, including interpretation of test scores and recommendations for your child. There are generally two outcomes after a screening:

  • If your child is found to be an appropriate candidate, he/she will be put on “Hold” status. This means that your child will be considered for acceptance during the decision process.
  • If it is determined that this is not the appropriate learning environment for your child, you will receive feedback and recommendations for other academic options.

What Happens If My Child Is Not Asked To Come In For A Screening?

If the Admissions Committee feels that The Schenck School is not the appropriate setting for your child, you will receive a letter from the Admissions Director indicating why that decision was made. You will also receive recommendations of other schools that might be a better fit for your child and his/her learning needs.

Does The School Offer Financial Aid?

The Schenck School’s Board of Trustees does not want you to be deterred from applying and/or accepting a space in our program because of the cost of attending. We welcome your application for financial aid, and invite you to visit our Financial Aid page for further information.

When Are Decisions Made?

All decisions will be made by mid-April.

For questions concerning the application process, please contact:

Kelli Holcomb
Admissions and Outplacement Assistant

Kelli Holcomb