Welcoming students from all backgrounds

The Schenck School has a mission that focuses on equipping dyslexic children with the skills they need to thrive in an academic environment and realize their full potential in life. Students attend the School for two to three years, or for as long as it takes for them to gain the reading skills necessary to succeed in a mainstream academic environment.

It strives to ensure that the opportunities it offers are available to all dyslexic children, and to that end it welcomes applicants from all backgrounds—ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious—and offers financial aid so that a family’s economic circumstances do not prevent a child whom it can serve from attending. Schenck’s financial aid program, with 27% of students receiving aid, is among the more generous among Atlanta independent schools.

In addition, the student-teacher ratio, with two teachers for every class of ten students, ensures that the children are known, supported, and respected for who they are as individuals. Schenck emphasizes the gifts and strengths of the dyslexic children who attend. That emphasis, as well as having teachers who understand them and meet them where they are, and the experience of being among classmates who are, like them, dyslexic, builds their confidence, self-assurance, and ability to advocate for themselves. 

The School’s Board, Faculty, and Staff also recognize that the effective teaching of reading is a critical factor in creating opportunity for all children, and that only a fraction of dyslexics receive a diagnosis in the elementary school years. To broaden its reach, Schenck has created and funded a nonprofit affiliate, ReadSource, which offers training to teachers and reading specialists across the country in the teaching of reading. ReadSource also partners with Purpose Built Schools Atlanta to provide intensive remediation services to struggling readers at T.H. Slater Elementary School and Luther J. Price Middle School

For questions, please contact:

Dr. Kara A Loftin
Head of School