Sporting Clays for Dyslexia

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Sporting Clays for Dyslexia is an annual volunteer-run event founded by alumnus John Curtis Fisher ('00) as a way to raise awareness of dyslexia.  

Proceeds directly support the education of students with dyslexia and teacher training in the Metro Atlanta area. 

All experience levels are welcome. Join other Schenck School alumni and friends at this event at Blalock Lakes!

For more information, please email John Curtis Fisher.

sporting class for dyslexia group
Sporting clays for dyslexia lunch buffet
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Thank you supporting our first Alumni Day of Giving on March 25!

Your gift will honor and support our School which has successfully remediated people with dyslexia for over 60 years!

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Introducing the Speaker Series

Email  to receive information on upcoming events.

There are many ways to support the Alumni Association. 

Be an inspiration to fellow dyslexic learners and send an update and photo to Please include information on what you have been doing since outplacing, such as your current school or profession, interests, and advice or special memory of The Schenck School .

Volunteer to be a class buddy by talking to classroom students via Zoom about your journey with dyslexia.

Offer to be a mentor to alumni who have graduated from high school or college. 

Be on an alumni panel to talk about an area of expertise or topics that interest you.

Participate in alumni socials and fundraising.

Email to get involved. 

Summer Adventures logo

This summer, Schenck School Summer Adventures Camp will offer five in-person camps and one virtual camp. Health and safety protocols will be in place and adhered to during camp. Currentely, masks and social distancing will be required as well as other measures. 

Each camp is led by a highly trained Schenck School or Dyslexia Resource teacher, tutor, or remediation specialist. Unlike traditional summer school, Summer Adventures Camp skillfully and tactfully disguises learning as fun! All courses help build stonger self awareness, self advocacy skills, and self-esteem.

Courses are available for students in rising first grade through eighth grade. For detailed information, please click here.