Alumni Board

Introducing the Alumni Board

Alumni Board 2019-20

L-R Trey Kilpatrick, Chad Knudsen, Jeffery Wright, Matt Sirockman, Britton Burdette, Kelly Garges, Caroline Hall Wildman, John Curtis Fisher, and Jack Chapman. Not pictured: Andrew Bernhardt, Duvall Brumby, Allie McSwain Byrd, Mary Catherine Groome Gober, Grady Lucky, Elizabeth Gray MeEver, Megan McSwain Mann, Eduardo Mejia, Michael Murray, and Katherine Sellers. 

As we know, The Schenck School is unique. Every student is dyslexic. They come to the School for a specific reason - to learn strategies to read, write, and spell in order to successfully transition to the next school and beyond. 

In 2017, two alumni, Britton Burdette (‘88) and John Curtis Fisher (‘00), created the Alumni Board because they realize the impact the School has had in their lives and careers. Establishing a Schenck School Alumni Board has challenges simply because students are at The Schenck School for only two to four years. Some may barely remember their time here! The Alumni Board has taken on the challenge to locate and engage more alumni, as well as to support the School and The Dyslexia Resource. 

Most years, the Alumni Board participates in three events - the Adult Alumni Party, the Auction & Gala, and Sporting Clays for Dyslexia.

We are thankful to our Alumni Board for their time, efforts, and friendships:

Andrew Bernhardt ('98), Duvall Brumby ('90), Britton Burdette ('88), Allie McSwain Byrd ('94), John Chapman ('97), John Curtis Fisher ('00), Kelly Garges ('88), Mary Catherine Groome Gober ('94), Trey Kilpartrick ('91), Chad Knudsen, ('83), Grady Lucky ('90), Megan McSwain Mann ('91), Elizabeth Gray McEver ('97), Eduardo Mejia ('90), Michael Murray ('91), Katherine Sellers ('04), Matt Sirockman ('98), Caroline Hall Wildman ('83), and Jeffrey Wright ('88). 

Mission Statement

The Schenck School Alumni Association fosters a lifelong spirit of belonging and pride by connecting alumni to the School and each other. The Alumni Association advocates for and supports the work of the School and dyslexia awareness, with a credible, collaborative voice. 


Vision Statement

To engage the Schenck School 's global community to support and advance the School's effort and contributions to the world of dyslexia and dyslexia remediation. 

Body and Edging at Alumni Party
Alumni Party 2019
Servick and Fisher at Alumni Party

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