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"Same Boat" Social Events - Grade Level Coordinators

Time commitment: One meeting in September 2019 then self-scheduling

Grade level "Same Boat" coordinators plan at least three lunches or coffees during the School year to provide parents a chance to meet and socialize.
There is no program; it's just a chance to get to know other Schenck School parents who are "in the same boat!"

Grade Level Coordinators select the location, (make the reservation, if required), communicate the details to parents in the grade, and attend. In the past, "Same Boat" groups met at locations such as Zoe's Kitchen, Panera Bread, and Starbucks. (Parents are responsible for their individual tab.)

Grade Level Same Boat Coordinators (two per grade) will meet once in September to discuss the program and review the School's Key Dates calendar to avoid conflicts.

This meaningful volunteer position helps connect parents and is lots of fun!

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