Adult Dyslexic Program

The Adult Dyslexic Program was launched in 1999 by our school founder, David Schenck, who aspired to share his knowledge of the Orton-Gillingham Approach and teach dyslexic adults to read. Mr. Schenck secured initial funding from the Goizueta Foundation, whose primary purpose is to support, programs benefitting the communities on a state and national level.

The instruction is phonics-based and multi-sensory. The Orton–Gillingham Approach to phonics instruction matches letters and combinations of letters to distinct sounds. Multi-sensory teaching combines seeing, saying, hearing, and writing. Students study basic letter patterns and master the rules that govern reading and spelling.

Steps To Take

The Adult Dyslexic Program is designed for those:

Who have always had difficulty reading, writing, and spelling.

Who feel this keeps them from reaching their full potential.

Who are willing to start back at square one to overcome their disability.

Contact Information for the Adult Dyslexic Program:

Foster Soules