Peggy Hendrix
Peggy Hendrix, Director of Admissions

I’m sure many of you have had trepidations about the start of the school year. This is the first time any of us have had our temperatures taken before leaving the car or stopped at the door for hand sanitizing. But quite remarkably your kids adapted to the strangeness of the new normal and are taking it in stride. Every day, despite all of the uncertainties in the world, your children come through the doors of Schenck School happy and eager to start their day.  

Yes, they’re wearing masks, and we greet them with a smile and a squirt of hand sanitizer! Weird, right?!  And yet they smile. Easily. Their eyes twinkle above those masks. Their personalities shine through even though I can’t see their smiles. Their jokes and polite “thank-yous” bring me joy. You would never know they’ve been through something in their young lives that none of us had to experience as children.  

What distinguishes your kids? Resilience – they have it in spades. But this isn’t the first time they’ve demonstrated resilience, either at Schenck or even before Schenck. Because they’re dyslexic, they’ve had to work so much harder than their peers throughout their young lives. They’ve had hours of tutoring, extra help from their teachers, spelling tests they had no hope of passing. School has been just plain hard. And yet, they’ve possessed the resilience to keep going. To forge ahead, even when they didn’t see the immediate results of the extra effort they’ve had to put into learning. 

And now, as they enter the school doors during a pandemic that has changed the world around them, they come with a smile. Many of them skip or even run into the building, full of exuberant expectations. They embrace each new day with joy and a sense of adventure despite their previous struggles in school.  

Resilience. All of us can learn from our children, especially during these challenging times. In fact, I know I’ll look forward to carpool duty this year!  The joy your kids bring to Schenck continues to inspire us all.

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