School is back in session, and children are excited for the new year!

School is back in session, and children are excited for the new year!
Peggy Webb Hendrix, Director of Admissions

This post was first published September 1, 2016.

That’s a true statement, right?  After all, those long summer days have begun to stretch into sameness. Beach vacations are over, and the pool just doesn’t seem quite as exciting as it did in June.  New school clothes and backpacks have been purchased, and the promise of good times with school friends looms large.

But not every child is eager for school to begin again.  If your child is dyslexic and not getting the help he or she needs, the school bell signals another year of fear, worry,  and frustration.  Fear that reading aloud will clue classmates in to the struggles your child faces.  Worry because your child’s peers are racing ahead while his progress seems slow or non-existent.  Frustration that no matter how hard your child tries, it just isn’t enough to keep up.

Now is the time to seek help.  If you suspect your child has a reading problem, you are probably right . . . in my experience, a parent’s intuition is uncannily accurate.  However, it can be so tempting to hope that this year will be different, that last year’s teacher was right that your child’s struggle really was developmental.

Please know, however, that the problem is almost never developmental.  If your child is a struggling reader, call a local psychologist to schedule a complete psycho-educational evaluation.  With a diagnosis in hand, you will be prepared to seek the help your child needs. With proper intervention, she can become a successful reader.

Just think what a wonderful feeling it will be when the school bell rings again, and you know your child can enter that school building remediated and ready to take on the world!