Schenck School House System

two girls in front of house banners

A long-time tradition in many British schools, the house system brings together students, faculty, and staff from all grade levels to develop leadership and teamwork and to cultivate a strong sense of community.

The Schenck School House System is inspired by the legacy of our founder, David Schenck, and the myth of the School's mascot, the phoenix, which represents the effort and determination of our students as they work to overcome the challenges of dyslexia, transform into confident, successful readers, and soar.

There are four houses:

  • House of Ignis - fire
  • House of Terra - earth
  • House of Solis - sun
  • House of Tempus - time 

All students, faculty, and staff are sorted into the houses. Points are awarded to students who display good character, citizenship, and resilience (doing your best!). Parents will probably hear a lot about "earning a marble for my house!" 

Our goals for the house system are to encourage effort and perseverance, to create lasting memories, and to foster camaraderie, friendship, school spirit, and good-natured competition during a student's time at The Schenck School! 

Ignis Crest
Terra crest
Solis crest
Tempus crest