Support Overview

Sharing a journey with a very specific group of students who are helped to move beyond and overcome their difficulties in reading and written expression is enriching for all who are a part of the School community.

The outstanding faculty, superior resources, and exceptional campus would not be possible without support. Today, about 15 percent of the operating budget comes from voluntary support – a combination of funds raised for current operations through the annual fund and special events, and income from endowed gifts.

The trustees, administrators, faculty, and students recognize and deeply appreciate the many ways in which our donors and volunteers contribute to the life of the School. The magnificent support of our friends ensures The Schenck School will always be an important educational asset to the greater Atlanta area and will contribute to the national conversation about dyslexia education and awareness.
"On my first day at The Schenck School, my whole attitude about school and myself did a 180 degree change. My teachers were wonderful. In that first day, my teacher changed my entire outlook; she gave me my smile back! She helped me realize that I was smart, and if I was taught the right way, I could learn to read! She told all of us in my class that being dyslexic was just a part of who we were - it was not all what we were. It was like the color of our eyes; we could not change it, but that was okay because it did not define who we were or what we could do. There are so many wonderful stories from my time at The Schenck School, but none of them are as important as that first day."

"I started at The Schenck School in first grade, and after the first day, I knew I was in the right place. Once they started explaining how the Orton-Gillingham Approach worked, a light switched on. Next thing I knew, I was in third grade, and first and second had flown by. By third grade I could read, write, and spell very well. At last, the thick fog of dyslexia had lifted."

"I assumed Schenck would help Jackson learn to read. I did not expect the emotional transformation. It has changed his (and our) lives! I have had more than a few people comment on how he is a ‘new kid’."

The Annual Report

The Annual Report includes the names of donors, as well as other financial information. We strive to be as accurate as possible in compiling the information and hope there are no errors. However, if a mistake is noticed, please contact us at 404.419.1052, so proper recognition is recorded.

First page of the PDF file: SchenckSchoolAR2022_R51

Contact Information:

Cathy Coleman
Director of Development